T5W: Favourite Minor Characters

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I took a bit of a detour the last few weeks to do a few Top Ten Tuesdays, but I’m back to Top 5 Wednesday with a list of my Favourite Minor Characters! I think the hardest part of compiling this list was trying to determine which characters counted as minor. This week’s topic defines minor characters as ‘less than a sidekick or a side character’ and uses the example of Ron and Hermione being side characters, while Lavender Brown, Oliver Wood, and Dean Thomas are minor characters. I’ve tried to keep to characters who are less than a sidekick, so hopefully I’m not too far off base here!

Without further ado, here’s my list:

3511981. Danny Hislop (The Lymond Chronicles)
I could probably make an entire top five list of my favourite minor characters from The Lymond Chronicles, but Danny Hislop is definitely at the top of it! I’m pretty sure it’s actually impossible to dislike Danny. From his first appearance as a soldier of Saint Mary’s he provides a much needed lightness to the series, asking why the men follow Francis Crawford of Lymond and assuming (correctly) that he’s gorgeous. Upon meeting Francis for the first time he actually moans, and proceeds to follow Lymond as much for the drama and out of curiosity than anything else.
Here are a few of his best lines:

“Gorgeous I called him and that he is…..And nasty I called him, and that, Maeve, was a shrewd piece of insight, for nasty he certainly is. And a clever bastard, I called him…Not to his face, dear. We’re not all born to be heroes. But what he may not know, Maeve, is that I’m a clever bastard as well.’

“As a reward for… what is your principal characteristic, would you say?”
“Treacherousness,” said Danny, gloriously.

“‘Do you think he will notice?’ Danny said. ‘I sometimes feel if I placed myself nude on the floor between the Voevoda and one of his meetings, he wouldn’t even walk round me.’”

173785082. The Women of 300 Fox Way (The Raven Cycle)
It feels only right to consider this formidable set of women as one (although if I had to pick a single woman it would be my favourite, Persephone). Blue’s family consists of her mother, Maura, Estonian psychic Persephone with her cloud of pale hair, confident Calla, Maura’s sister Jimi, and her daughter Orla. Growing up in this environment, surrounded by psychics with distinct but strong personalities, has clearly shaped Blue to be the self-assured individual she is, and I love that there is this sisterhood feeling to 300 Fox Way. All of the women are fully-realized despite the fact that they mostly play minor roles in the story, and I would happily read a collection of short stories about these ladies.

“Persephone said, “What an unpleasant young man.”
Calla let the curtains drift shut. She remarked, “I got his license plate number.”
“I hope he never finds what he’s looking for,” Maura said.
Retrieving her two cards from the table, Persephone said, a little regretfully, “He’s trying awfully hard. I rather think he’ll find something.”
Maura whirled toward Blue. “Blue, if you ever see that man again, you just walk the other way.”
“No,” Calla corrected. “Kick him in the nuts. Then run the other way.”

72601883. Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games)
Oh Finnick. Introduced as a somewhat cocky flirtatious male victor from district 4, as Katniss gets to know him, she and the reader discover that there’s more to Finnick than meets the eye. He is close to Mags, an elderly woman who was his mentor, and he is deeply in love with “mad” Annie Cresta, who is also a former victor. As an ally to Katniss and Peeta in the Quarter Quell, he helps to keep them alive and is an integral part of the story in Mockingjay where he falls into depression over Annie’s captivity by the Capitol, but assists in creating rebel propaganda, where it’s revealed that he was prostituted to wealthy citizens by President Snow, who threatened the people he loves. Probably my favourite character in these books besides Katniss herself, I have all kinds of feelings about Finnick Odair.

“Finnick!” Something between a shriek and a cry of joy. A lovely if somewhat bedraggled young woman–dark tangled hair, sea green eyes–runs toward us in nothing but a sheet. “Finnick!” And suddenly, it’s as if there’s no one in the world but these two, crashing through space to reach each other. They collide, enfold, lose their balance, and slam against a wall, where they stay. Clinging into one being. Indivisible.
A pang of jealousy hits me. Not for either Finnick or Annie but for their certainty. No one seeing them could doubt their love.”

226373584. Cardenio (Doctrine of Labyrinths series)
Cardenio is a true minor character. A cade-skiff who drags the river under the city for bodies, he’s shy, quick to blush, and perhaps the best listener Mildmay has ever met. His role in the plot is minor. Cardenio sometimes offers information, but for Mildmay who is chronically underestimating himself and who has been used by some of those closest to him for their own purposes, including Kolkiss who raised him as a thief and assassin and took sexual advantage of him, and his brother Felix who often treats him poorly, Cardenio is the one person who wants nothing from him, who is just a good friend. (Ignore the truly awful cover that makes this look like a paranormal romance with a tattooed redhead, it’s actually a dark fantasy quartet.)

“Okay?” I said.
“Yeah. Really okay.  I mean, nobody’s ever given me this good a present before. Thanks.”
“Hey, you’re the only person I know’s ever made it to journeyman cade-skiff. That’s gotta be worth something.”
He blushed like a girl, and I let him off the hook by asking him to tell me what kind of thing he was learning this decad. We talked the way we always did, about everything under the sun. Cardenio was maybe the best listener I’d ever met. With him I didn’t feel like I had to worry about my scar.”

crookedkingdom5. Nikolai Lantsov/Sturmhond (Crooked Kingdom)
Okay, I’m sort of cheating since Nikolai is a character who had a larger role in Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy, but he appears more briefly in Crooked Kingdom. A snarky pirate king with a heart of gold, how could I not love Nikolai? I might have squealed a little when he popped up in Crooked Kingdom. I’m fascinated by characters who are malleable/able to code switch when in different company (like Prince Hal in Henry IV) and Nikolai is one of these characters, using his persona as Sturmhond the pirate to negotiate in situations where he cannot go as King of Ravka. Seeing him match wits with Kaz Brekker in Crooked Kingdom was a particular delight. Should Ms. Bardugo ever write more of Nikolai’s story I’ll be among the first in line to read it!

“Ravka is grateful for your service,” Sturmhond said as they turned to go. “And so is the crown.” He waved once. In the late afternoon light, with the sun behind him, he looked less like a privateer and more like… but that was just silly.”

Honourable mention to:

Jaqen H’ghar (A Song of Ice and Fire)
A girl is fascinated by Jaqen H’ghar, from his unusual manner of speaking to his relationship with Arya Stark, to his mysterious past.

The Red God has his due, sweet girl, and only death may pay for life. This girl took three that were his. This girl must give three in their places. Speak the names, and a man will do the rest.

Margaret Erskine (The Lymond Chronicles)
Anyone who puts up with Francis Crawford deserves a medal really, but especially Margaret Erskine. Overshadowed by her glamourous mother, she is often overlooked or pitied, having been widowed twice by age 19 (I think?), but Margaret is intelligent and uses her ability to be unnoticed to watch everything around her and use it to her advantage. At the end of Queens’ Play offers Lymond some advice that sticks with him through the rest of the series. Also she has this gem:

“Silently, Margaret Erskine held open the door. Lymond’s eyebrows shot up. ‘My dear, have patience. My wounds are to be salved.’
‘Go away and bleed to death,’ said his onetime savior sharply. ‘On behalf of the female sex I feel I may cheer every lesion.’

Who are your favourite minor characters?

8 thoughts on “T5W: Favourite Minor Characters

    1. She’s a lot of fun. I would love to read at least a set of short stories about her and the other women in the future!


  1. I can’t believe I forgetting Finnick! He’s absolutely my favorite in the series beside Haymitch, and he definitely deserves better. I haven’t watch Mockingjay part 2 because I can’t see THAT scene on screen. On the brighter note, I also have Nikolai on my t5w. I’d love to watch a sass match between Nikolai and Kaz!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your T5W as well! I decided to just leave Harry Potter out of the deliberations because there are so many great minor characters to choose from, but Lupin especially is right up there. A sass match between Nikolai and Kaz would be amazing! Sign me up!

      I have to admit that while I like the Hunger Games set of movies, I’m a little bitter at how Finnick gets short-changed in the movies compared to the books. I mean the confession about how the Capitol has been prostituting him was such a shocking sad moment in the books, I think I had to put the book down and breathe for a few moments, and in yet the movie it feels like the focus isn’t even on him during this, so I have conflicting feelings, but yes I like to live in denial-land about Finnick’s fate too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nikolai, YES!! Even though he was quite prominent in the Grisha Trilogy, I always feel like I can use more of him. I love how clever and goodhearted he is, and like you said, getting to see him interact with Kaz in CK was great. Also, I totally agree about the 300 Fox Way women and Finnick (I haven’t read the other books you mentioned). I love how Finnick’s character makes you roll your eyes when you meet him…and then totally breaks your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree, I hope one day Bardugo does write a book (or three) with Nikolai as a main character, I would love to read more about him! Finnick is so heartbreaking!

      Liked by 1 person

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