Sunday Snapshot: Musical Mugs

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As a lover of musicals and the theatre, I couldn’t let today pass without recognizing that the 2017 Tony Awards are tonight! The Tony Awards are undoubtedly my favourite awards show, and one of my favourite nights of the year. When else do you get to see incredibly talented people gratefully accepting recognition for their work alongside performances and songs by skilled companies of actors and actresses?

Here’s my collection of musical mugs, which span three cities and several fabulous shows (also Doctor Zhivago and Love Never Dies… try not to judge me too hard)!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Musical Mugs

  1. Interesting collection. As a lover of musicals, I have playbills and CDS and DVDS and some tickets and one piano book and maybe two posters and a couple other things. Musicals in my opinion are more enjoyable than plays. Plays are just acting and they seem harder to feel emotionally connected and actually care about a journey of a character or characters.

    Musicals on the other hand have song, dance, and spectacle. Those three aspects add something wonderful to plot. They all help with believability and all help with emotionally connected. There are many advantages of having characters sing their emotions as opposed to just talking. Musicals are capable of so much and very hard to just describe that capability and their full potential.

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    1. I keep all of my playbills and programmes from shows as well (and usually tickets). It’s such a fun experience to flip through playbills and reminiscence about what you’ve watched. I’m also (obviously) a fan of musicals. I love being transported by the music and I think it’s so interesting to see emotions and thoughts conveyed through song. I have seen some excellent plays though, especially this year, and with any good piece of performance art, whether it’s ballet, a musical, a play, or the opera, I think there’s the same feeling of connecting with characters and caring about their journey. I often end up preferring musicals as well though.


      1. I was kind of late at beginning to collect playbills. What is nice about collecting playbills is you can look at them to see which cast you saw. If I have an understudy and if it comes if that slip of paper saying who you have in that case, I keep that as well.

        I have never seen an excellent play before. Three of which I was stuck reading in high school and those were Shakespearean tragedies and the problem with those was in high school, I ignored tragedy and told myself I will never love that genre due to just assuming tragedy is pure sad.

        I got to see Mousetrap and Servant of Two Masters, the two plays I enjoyed the most. I also got to see Glass Menagarie at my school and the other school ones at my college are #8, an original comic play called I Ya Ya Yo, a Greek Tragedy called Trojan Women and then there’s the sad Full Moon over Montmarte.

        I hate bringing up #8, which was one of the worst theatre experiences I ever had. It was a play dealing with the Holocaust and I just did not like it. I felt so uncomfortable with the emotions and wanted to leave so quickly, but was required to see it. All I felt was negative emotions and that is not how I want to feel those emotions in the first place.

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      2. That’s such a shame that you haven’t seen a play you love. I definitely hope you find one to your tastes eventually. I saw a fabulous production of Much Ado About Nothing (my favourite Shakespeare play) in London with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, and my favourite play of all time is Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and there was a great live broadcast from Broadway maybe five years or so ago that I enjoyed watching (although sadly it was never released on DVD). Closer to home I saw a few excellent plays this year in The Last Wife, a feminist modernization imagining the relationship between Henry VIII and Katherine Parr, and a wonderful adaptation of Of Human Bondage. My first love will always be musicals though.


    1. I’m more of a tea drinker, but I enjoy coffee too! I definitely don’t drink enough of either to use all of these though. My collection is outgrowing its allotted shelf space too!

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